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JBM International Students Services is an education consultancy firm that assists prospective international students in finding and getting enrolled in affordable and respected higher education institutions across North America, Australia, Europe, and Asian countries.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Bakali Mukasa, a respected scholar-practitioner from Uganda, we are already one of the most respected professionals in international education services industry in Uganda and other African countries. Our efforts have been recognized by parents who have found affordable quality education for their children in some of world’s most respected colleges, universities, and institutes in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and other educational hubs across the globe.

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The Dream of High-Quality Higher Education Now Within Your Reach

Welcome to JBM International Student Services, an internationally recognized name in providing comprehensive support, guidance, and consultation services to aspiring international students around the world.

With a belief that quality education is a right and not a privilege, we are on a mission of guiding students towards their higher education goals. We help students in developing and under-developed countries realize their dream of seeking better education in well-known institutions of higher learning in the Western Countries.


No Hassles – No Excessive Cost – All You Need Is the Will to Study Abroad!

Working alongside students and their parents, we have helped a wide number of deserving students from Asian and African countries, successfully placing them in the universities/ colleges of North-America, Australia, Canada, UK, and other Western countries with a well-established education system.

Pillars and Principles of Our Professional Services

JBM stands out as an International student consultancy with emphasis on eliminating the major obstacles in the path of higher-education. Lack of proper guidance stands as the major hindrance which can lead to wasted time, money, and effort. JBM’s holistic approach protects students and parents from such demotivating experiences. Three major aspects of our approach include:

At JBM, our goal is to help you get education that has real value in the professional world. We ensure this regardless of where you live and your financial status.

If you have a dream, we are on a mission to help you live it!

Learn more about our comprehensive array of international student services, or get in touch with us at emailaddress.

Our Partners

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Synergy University Dubai
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Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
INSEEC Chambery Campus
Park University
Cambridge College
SIT Graduate Institute
MCPHS University
Herzing University
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