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A Well-Rounded Approach, from Comprehensive Consultation to Support

JBM International Student Services is changing the way international student consultancies work. We have developed a broad approach to ensure complete guidance and support for the students and their family. Our wide array of services covers each and every aspect of studying aboard, starting from the selection of the right institute and course, all the way to ensuring an exceptional learning and living experience throughout your time abroad. Our major services in the process include:


At JBM, we realize that most students and parents who approach us lack a proper understanding of the whole process and how it works. During our initial consultation, we work to remove any doubts, confusions, and misunderstandings regarding the cost and criteria. We provide them a clear picture of what it means to study aboard, how the experience is, how much it will cost, and why it is worth it.


As a team of academic and career counselors, we take it upon ourselves to guide students regarding the choice of courses, country, and career. We base our suggestions on many factors including your ability to afford as well as future aspirations. We believe that as long as you are willing to pursue a goal, there is always a way to get on the path.


The amount of paperwork involved in the enrollment and admission process can be overwhelming. Many students from underprivileged countries fail to understand this aspect fully, and therefore, are unable to fulfill those requirements despite their aptitude. With strong ties to the academic world, our experts work as your guide, mentor, and advocate throughout this time. We try our best to help you secure a place in the academic program of your preference in a country of your choice.

Visa Work

JBM consultants will stand by your side to make sure your visa application is processed and accepted within the least possible time. We help students build a stronger portfolio from the very first day. From IELTS and SAT to medical examination, our consultants will make sure all preliminary requirements are proficiently fulfilled, and there is no paperwork related hassle for the applicants.


At JBM, we build sustainable relationships that go a long way. We orient and monitor every student’s progress and ensure that our students are acquainted with the study abroad experience, including student visa maintenance requirements, working as students, accommodation, laws of the host country, extra.Our step-by-step approach has helped us identify and rectify common problems at every stage of your journey, effectively allowing us to eliminate the extra hassle and cost involved in the whole process of studying away from your home country – from applying to the university/college of your choice to graduation.The Founder of JBM, Dr. Bakali Mukasa has been in the academic and education sector for decades, his core mission is to help people see the opportunities a good education can offer and the gates it can open. If you have any questions or queries regarding studying aboard, contact us and talk to one of our consultants.